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At Quality & Durable Industrial Floors, Inc., we know that good business stems from good communication. So, when you contact us, whether by phone, fax or email, we will respond promptly. We're interested in your questions, requests for information and ideas for improving our concrete flooring service.

Scott Carmack
Sales Coordinator
Office: 937-384-0572
Fax: 937-384-0572
Cell: 937-430-4448
Doug Emrick
Operations Manager
Phone: 937-696-2833
Fax: 937-696-2100
Cell: 937-430-4447

Below are some questions about your concrete flooring that we will ask when you contact us:

  1. What is the square footage of the project you had in mind?
  2. Do you know which system you are interested in?
  3. Do you have any coatings on your existing floor? If so, do you know what is on your floor?
  4. Is the flooring project already budgeted or do you need ballpark numbers?
  5. Does the area have chemical exposure? Do the products need to be chemical resistant? If so, do you have the MSDS for these chemicals?