Decorative Quartz Flooring System

Posted on: September 6, 2017

Our most current project is a decortive quartz floor being installed in a new facility at Austin Landing in Miamisburg.  Q&D is completing over 60,000 square feet of the building.  The company required a very quick turn-around which meant that the moisture was not completely cured out of the concrete.  Therefore, we had to do a calcium chloride sample that showed 12 pounds of moisture remaining in the concrete.  This meant we had to use a different floor application system meant specifically for high moisture concrete floors.

The flooring process is described here.  After discovering the moisture content,  we had to shot blast the floor and apply a primer of water borne epoxy that could withstand 12 pounds of pressure.  After the water epoxy dried, we applied 16 mils of 100% solid epoxy.   We then filled the epoxy with decorative quartz sand.  After the floor dried, the excess sand was removed, a second application of epoxy was applied, then decorative quartz was thrown into the epoxy again until rejection.   To seal in the decorative sand, 16 mils of epoxy was applied.   Then a chemical resistant urethane was applied to protect the floor.  The water borne epoxy will guarantee the quartz flooring systems adheres to the concrete.

A quartz flooring system is the most durable floor available.  It creates a beautiful, polished finish that can hold up to the wear and tear of daily use.  It is easy to clean and maintain and will last for years.